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The finest fraction of rubber granulate.

Depending on the demand it can be manufactured entirely of truck tires or passenger car tires. There is also a possibility of producing blends of various percentage compositions, depending on technical needs of the customer.

For over 30 years rubber powder has been used worldwide as a bitumen modifier. This technology increases cracking and rutting resistance of asphalt surfaces, extends their longevity, as well as reduces noise generated by car traffic. Rubber-modified asphalt shows higher resistance to atmospheric conditions, such as rain, snow or frost, and significantly reduces the glaze effect. 

Also, rubber powder is an ingredient applicable for various types of mixtures used for car carpets, shoe soles or elements of traffic signs.

Grain size 0-1 mm
Packing Standard (1t Big Bag on a wooden pallet )
Options Packing in bags <25kg for extra charge
Documents  Granulometric analysis 0-0,6mm ORZEŁ S.A. .pdf
Use mineral-asphalt blends, rubber blends